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Maintaining healthy looking hair can be a challenge for some people while others seem to have a natural ability to take care of their hair. Trying to get longer hair can take time, but there are ways to naturally stimulate hair growth so that you don’t damage your hair or put in dangerous chemicals. Whether you cut your hair short and miss those long locks or you just want to add a few inches to your hair, these steps can help you get the length you want naturally. Do keep in mind that while these natural methods do help hair growth, patience will still be required.Keeping yourself hydrated with water is already an important thing to do for your body. It has been shown that drinking lots of water strengthens your hair and encourages faster growth. The recommended number is eight cups a day. Sleep is also suggested to help keep your hair healthy looking and allow it time to grow. When you sleep, your body grows and so does your hair.You should make a regular hair routine so that you have healthy looking hair. One thing people don’t think about is a scalp massage. Giving your hair a scalp massage once a week helps the follicles relax and hydrates your hair, encouraging your hair to grow. For a proper scalp massage you can use coconut or olive oil to massage your roots. Another part of your routine should be the use of conditioner.One final method to help your hair grow is to use heat protectants if you are one who uses a blowdryer, curling iron or straightener. If you fry your hair accidentally your hair is damaged, thus preventing your hair from growing at the desired rate.
These methods have been shown to work by several people as well as several beauticians. Healthy hair is achievable if you are willing to put in the effort. By doing these things, you can help stimulate your hair so that it will grow faster than normal.

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